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Daily Craft Trading Updates

Due to GWWiki policy, frequent GW Wiki update is not permissible. As such, crafting update will no longer be posted on this site (sorry). The last update below is as of 10/10/10 3 PM (US EST/GMT-5). If you wish to know today's update, please download or view the update from THIS SITE.

COMMON CRAFTING MATERIAL Bone Iron Ingot Tanned Hide Square Scale Chitin Fragment Bolt of Cloth Wood Plank Granite Pile of Glittering Dust Plant Fiber Feather
Sell/Buy to players 1.6 7.8 5.3 5.5 2.0 4.0 1.8 13.5 5.3 9.0 7.5
Best place/creature or item to farm Factions/undead & the Inflicted weapon salvage Nightfalls/Cosairs,Kournans,Wardens Jade Sea/Naga(skin), Stingray Strand/Bog Skale(fins) Nightfall/mantid(pincer, ungula), Maguuma Jungle/spider(leg) common drop common weapon salvage item Sardelac Sanitarium and Serenity Temple/Stone Elemental(slab) - See vid Istan/Iboga,Hidden City/Djinn(essence),The Black Curtain & Talmark Wilderness/Fog Nightmare(Shadowy Remnants, salvage Great Conch shells using Measure for Measure inscription Istan/Iboga(Iboga Petal/seed),Port Sledge/Grawl(Intricate Grawl Necklace), Drazach Thicket/Dragon Moss (roots), ToA (Reed Stalker) See vid Bergen Hot Springs areas/Tengu(scalp), Stingray Strand/Tengu(scalp), Seitung Harbor(north)/Tengu(crest) See guide
RARE ARTISAN CRAFTING MATERIALS Bolt of Damask Bolt of Linen Elonian Leather Square Leather Square Lump of Charcoal Roll of Parchment Roll of Vellum Spiritwood Plank Steel Ingot Tempered Glass Vial Vial of Ink
Recommend (Buy/Sell/None) SELL SELL SELL SELL BUY SELL
Sell/Buy to Rare Material Trader 162.5 37.5 102.5 40.0 32.5 23.4 62.5 52.5 27.5 16.3 100.0
Sell to Players 187.5 50.0 117.5 52.5 45.0 35.0 75.0 65.0 40.0 27.5 112.5
Best Artisan/nearest Town Kainu/The Marketplace Artisan Kristan/Fort Ranik Kainu/The Marketplace Artisan Kristan/Fort Ranik Kainu/The Marketplace Artisan Kristan/Fort Ranik Kainu/The Marketplace Lormeh/Ronjok Kainu/The Marketplace Lormeh/Ronjok Lormeh/Ronjok
Best place/creature to farm None (craft item only) Nightfalls/Corsair,Kournan,Am Fah,Crimson Skull None (craft item only) None (craft item only) Sardelac Sanitarium/Stone Elemental(slab) - See vid None (craft item only) dungeon Hidden Treasure salvage certain weapons & dungeon Hidden Treasure salvage from certain weapons Stolen Goods & Stolen Supplies stolen items

How to craft trade


  • For most Common crafting materials (the raw materials needed to craft into rare material), it is more profitable and time-efficient to trade (buy/sell) by the stacks.
  • Only Artisan's Rare crafting material (listed in the Rare Artisan Crafting Materials chart above) can be crafted. All other Rare crafting material (ex: ecto, shard, etc.) must be bought, farmed, salvaged, or received from quest or chest.
  • It is not recommended to craft your farmed/salvaged items. Farming takes time and it would be more profitable to sell them to players when their price is high. Crafting normally is about buying the common crafting materials from players at a low price, crafting them into rare material, and selling them when they are high.
  • When getting craft and rare craft materials from traders, it is necessary to get the updated quote by clicking on Request Quote button. To be consistent, get all the craft information at the same time.
  • New crafters should start small, and increase the amount of stacks and high-end crafts as you gain more experience in crafting.
  • Rule of trading: Buy (from players) LOW, and sell (to players/rare material trader) HIGH. A "BUY" in the charts above will let you know when the item should be low enough to buy, and a "SELL" will let you know when you should sell.

1. Determine which Artisen's Rare crafting material you would like to craft. You will need all of its Common crafting materials (the ingredients or raw materials) in order to craft them into the rare crafting material. To find out how many and what types of raw materials are needed, and how much the artisan will charge, click on (Rare crafting material) or from the chart above. The Most profitable is Bolt of Damask, however its main ingredient Plant Fiber is harder to access. On the other hand, even though Elonian Leather Square is less profitable, its main crafting item (Tanned Hide Square) is easier and cheaper to access. Like many craft items, their basic ingredient is Pile of Glittering Dust.

2. Purchase Common crafting material from players when the price is LOW. Most common items are Pile of Glittering Dust, Tanned Hide Square, Plant Fiber and Wood Plank. Purchase at or below the Sell/Buy to players price from the charts above. Note: in rare instances and momentary, you can buy the common craft items directly from the Material trader to craft into rare material and sell it back to the Rare material trader for a quick and easy profit. It takes about 30 minutes to buy, craft and sell back a stack of rare material.

3. Hold onto your craft items and gold (for crafting fees) until you are ready to craft. Make sure you have enough space in your mule, Xunlai Chest, and/or inventory.

4. Craft the Rare crafting material by going to an artisan that can craft your item(s). The chart above shows where are the best location to find the artisans. Remember to bring all your craft items and gold with you.

5. Wait until the price of that item you have crafted is high (or high enough) before selling it to player(s). See the Recommend (Buy/Sell/None) in the Rare Artisan Crafting Materials chart above when to sell. Players will only need some to your craft to build their their armor, and as such it may take you time to sell your stack(s). If you need a quick-turnaround, you can sell your craft to the Rare material trader (see Sell to Rare Material Trader), but at a discount.

Where/How to Buy/Sell your crafts

  • Places to sell/buy your crafts are in the main cities such as Kamadan, Lion's Arch, and Kaineng City. There are also websites with services that you can sign up to buy/sell your craft and craft ingredients as well.
  • Sometimes the price of your craft item drops/increases significantly due to the Traveler's item for that week. The nearest town to the Traveler is a good place to sell/buy that craft item also.
  • Stand near the Xunlai chest so you can access your items/gold easily.
  • If someone response, you should try to get him/her to come to you so your posting will stay. Example: "Please come to D3 chest". You will lose your posting if you leave your district.
  • You should include two heroes in your party so if someone accepts your invite, you would not lose your posting because you are no longer the team leader (on top). NOTE: Only leader can post.
  • Check and make sure s/he paid or trade the correct item/amount before you accept.
  • You can do a PC (Price Check) in All chat if you need to find a price of an item. Example: "PC unded mini cele pig please". You should get more than one quotes - just in case the person who tries to give you the qoute is also trying to buy your item at a low price or sell an item that you want at a high price.
  • Best way to advertise/post your trade:
    • Enter the outpost you would like to trade
    • Type 'P' to bring up the Party Search screen
    • Select "Trade" from the pull down menu from the Players' tab. NOTE: Do NOT use Mission or other chat channel for your trading. You can get into trouble with GW for that.
    • Click on the area next to the Trade option and type your request. Example: "WTB:ALL Plant Fiber 6.5k/stack" (without the quotes). WTB = Willing To Buy, WTS = Willing To Sell, WTT = Willing To Trade. NOTE: Make sure whatever you are buying/selling fits in that small text area!
    • Look at your posting. It will show up at the BOTTOM of that list. If your Trade chat is on, you will also see yours and others scroll by.
    • Refresh your posting every now and then (like every minute or so) by uncheck and then check the Seek Party check box on the top left of the Party Search window. This will save you lots of time retyping your posting. If you don't refresh your posting, people will not see your posting. NOTE: Do NOT spam your posting constantly. GW will temporary block you from constantly refreshing your posting.
  • Good luck!

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