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Ridirian Guides [RGA][edit]

Ridirian Guides [RGA]
Guild Ridirian Guides cape.jpg
Territory World
Language English
Type PvE
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation

Ridirian Guides was founded on 6th August 2006 by Vinny Ridira, who now mostly plays as Rita Ustil.

  • Our guild hall is fully equipped with all the traders.
  • We have no requirements other than that you should be a solo player or PUGger.


  • We do not recruit. If you want to join, contact Myshanti Ghormoran in game.
  • Only solo players need apply. All we offer is a guild hall.

Guild Hall[edit]

Our Guild Hall is Isle Of Meditation.

Services Added
Platinum.png Xunlai Agent Yes
Red Dye.png Dye Trader Yes
Tanned Hide Square.png Crafting Material Trader Yes
Glob of Ectoplasm.png Rare Material Trader Yes
Rune Vigor Sup.png Rune Trader Yes
Scroll of Berserker's Insight.png Scroll Trader Yes
Signet of Capture.jpg Skill Trainer Yes
Main PvP.png Priest of Balthazar Yes
Expert Salvage Kit.png Merchant Yes
Guildwiki-icon-small.png Weaponsmith Yes
GuildHallIcon.png Guild Emblemer Yes
GuildHallIcon.png Canthan Ambassador Yes
Yule Cap.png Festival Hat Keeper Yes

Hints and Tips[edit]

FAVOURITE HERO BUILDS: Decoder = Decoder courtesy of


  • Xandra (without human rit doing SoS)
  • Xandra (with human rit doing SoS)
  • Razah
  • Livia

Contact information[edit]

  • Myshanti Ghormoran