Haroj Firemane

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Haroj Firemane
Haroj Firemane.jpg
Affiliation Veldrunner
Type Centaur
Profession Ranger Ranger
Level(s) 20
Campaign Nightfall

Haroj Firemane is a Veldrunner Centaur who plays a major role in Centaur Blackmail, and its follow-up mission, Kodonur Crossroads.




  • None


In Jahai Bluffs:

"This is Kodonur Crossroads. Beyond is the Dejarin Estate, a large agricultural farm formerly under the control of the Dejarin family but now controlled by the Kournan government. They use captured Centaurs as forced laborers in the fields."

In Kodonur Crossroads mission:

"Today we Centaur fight back! Now longer will we stand idle while our brethren are enslaved. Varesh Ossa will learn to fear us!"


  • Even though he wields a bow, he doesn't attack foes.