In Memory of Paulus

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In Memory of Paulus
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Grazden the Protector
in Old Ascalon
Preceded by Protecting Ascalon
Type Secondary quest
(Profession: Monk)
Melka Blanston Map.jpg
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Tell Melka about the fate of her friend.

Quest information[edit]





Map travel to Ascalon City and then exit into Old Ascalon. Melka will be to the left, at the top of the slope.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Grazden the Protector
I have one last thing to ask of you, although it is not a pleasant duty. Paulus had only one person he was very close with, a woman named Melka Blanston. They were often seen together just outside Ascalon City. If you could take her news of Paulus's death, I'd be grateful. She deserves to hear of it from the one who found him. Take his holy symbol to her as well, so that it might offer her some amount of comfort. This is the most unpleasant job that we Monks have, and it is becoming a disturbingly frequent one. Still, someone must perform this unpleasant task.
What say you?
Yes Accept: "I will speak with Melka."
No Decline: "This sounds too unpleasant."
Ask Ask: "I know it is a difficult thing, but Melka must be informed of Paulus's death. She waits just outside of Ascalon City."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Melka Blanston
What's this? Paulus's holy symbol? Then that means...he's gone...Paulus would often offer me some comfort after my husband went off to fight the Charr. Now who will I turn to? The gods are cruel to steal everything that I love away from me. I want to thank you for delivering this to me, but please just...just leave me to my grief.


Bug Bug.The wrong objective in the quest log for this quest is displayed. It is the objective for the quest Deliver a Message to My Wife, another quest involving Melka.