Protecting Ascalon

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Protecting Ascalon
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Grazden the Protector
in Old Ascalon
Followed by In Memory of Paulus
Type Secondary quest
(Profession: Monk)
Protecting Ascalon map.jpg
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Search for the overdue Paulus, who was sent to investigate a strange poisonous spot in Regent Valley.

Quest information[edit]





Go into Regent Valley to look for Paulus. If you're having trouble finding the path to the portal, follow the creek bed in the direction of Ascalon City a short distance until you can climb a hill on your right. Once through the portal it's a fairly straight path; just follow the quest arrow. Alternatively start from Fort Ranik and walk alongside the aqueduct. This not only is extremely easy to find but also much shorter.

You'll find that you are too late to save him. You'll need to click on his body to obtain his holy symbol to take back to Grazden. Beware, though. Party members will become poisoned by the spot. Return the symbol to Grazden.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Grazden the Protector
"We must all do our part to preserve what remains of our fair Ascalon. If you wish to help, I have a task for you. A member of our order, named Paulus, was sent to Regent Valley to investigate a strange poisonous area. He is overdue to return, and I grow worried about him, as he is somewhat prone to rash action.
Will you go to Regent Valley and find Paulus?"
Yes Accept: "I will find him."
No Decline: "He'll probably be fine."
Ask Ask: "Paulus was last seen heading into Regent Valley. Please find him."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Grazden the Protector
"Paulus is dead? This is grim news indeed. I fear that we may be fighting a losing battle here. Our numbers dwindle while the enemy's keep on increasing… I keep telling myself not to give in to despair, but it is getting more difficult with every death that I couldn't prevent."