Koss Goes Recruiting

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Koss Goes Recruiting
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Dunkoro
in Command Post
Required hero Koss
Preceded by The Tools of War
Type Secondary quest
Koss Goes Recruiting.jpg
Route from Camp Hojanu

Help Koss recruit a rare material trader for the Command Post.

Quest information[edit]





After picking up the quest, speak to Koss in the Command Post, then map to Camp Hojanu to head into the Barbarous Shore. From there, the quest pointer will lead you to Hasahk the Clever waiting a little to the south, nearby.

After talking to Hasahk, a mob of corsairs will appear to the north, keen to recover the wares that Hasahk "borrowed" from them. Defeat the group to complete the quest.




Humans (Corsairs)


Initial dialogue[edit]


"We need a rare material trader for supplies if we're going to turn this makeshift dump into a field base. We can't very well go to Varesh or rely on the local Kournans. I have a plan that just might work."
"We need to recruit one of the corsairs to help us in our efforts. Koss should have a contact, or maybe Melonni can help us find a suitable recruit. So what do you say?"
Yes Accept: "I'll find us a trader if it's the last thing I do!"
No Decline: "Do your own recruiting."
Ask Ask: "You will need to consult those who have joined our cause to complete this quest. Look to Koss or Melonni for guidance."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]


"I think I know of someone who can help."

Intermediate dialogue 2[edit]

Hasahk the Clever

"Koss, you rat! I ought to kill you right here! Lucky for you, I'm caught up in a few other jobs...too busy to get my knuckles bloody from the likes of you."
"I'm on my way to deliver a payment to Ruthless Sevad. Once I'm done, I'd be willing to run rare materials for your Sunspears...in exchange for a full pardon for previous actions, of course."
"One thing: I...uh...borrowed my stock from some of my fellow corsairs. They're not far behind. Tell you what, help me out and we'll consider it payment for future services. Deal?"

Reward dialogue[edit]


"It is no surprise Koss had a shady contact that could help us. The question now is whether he will stick around or turn us in to Varesh. We'd better keep an eye on him."


Anomaly Anomaly.Hasahk's presence in the Command Post bears no significance to the function of the Command Post since both types of material traders are already present.