The Tools of War

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The Tools of War
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Dunkoro
in Command Post
Preceded by Kodonur Crossroads,
Building the Base: The Meeting
Followed by Koss Goes Recruiting,
Melonni Goes Recruiting
Type Secondary quest
The Tools of War.jpg
Route from Kodonur Crossroads

Find a way to acquire weapons for the Sunspears.

Quest information[edit]


  • Kill the Kournan guards holding the Centaur weapon crafters captive.
  • Offer the Centaurs a place with the Sunspears.
  • See Lonai for your reward.


Environmental changes[edit]


The easiest way to do this quest is to start from Kodonur Crossroads and head out into Dejarin Estate. This way you won't have any unnecessary encounters and will only have to fight two groups of Kournans guarding the Centaurs.




Humans (Kournan military)


Initial dialogue[edit]


"We need better weapons if we are going to make a difference. But they won't just drop out of thin air...well, usually not. We need some weaponsmiths. Sounds like we need a plan, eh? Lucky for us I've got one.
Of course, we'll use one of Koss's contacts. It seems he knows just about everyone... In this case, it's a local boy named Ahvad who gave us some particularly useful information. Apparently, the Kournans have brought in more Centaurs to replace the ones we freed. Two of these Centaurs are especially talented weaponsmiths and are being put to work crafting weapons for the Kournan army. What do you say we free those Centaurs and see if we can't convince them to make weapons for our side?."
Yes Accept: "Best. Plan. Ever. I'm in!"
No Decline: "Here's my plan: you do it."
Ask Ask: "Free those Centaurs from the Kournans, and if we're lucky, maybe they'll be thankful enough to make us some weapons!"

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Grif Ebonmane: "Two-legged one, I am impressed. You seem to hate the Kournans as much as we do. We heard you rescued Mirza. Consider us allies...we will withstand your man-stink as long as Varesh remains a threat to us all. We will meet you at your Command Post."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"Good work! With the help of these Centaurs, we'll have a steady supply of good weapons in no time."


  • Unlike other foes in hard mode, the foes spawned by this quest have the same level in normal and hard modes.