Krytan Villager

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Krytan Villager
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Affiliation Krytans
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Bonus Mission Pack

The Krytan Villagers are allies who will help repel the Charr force attacking the village of Demetra.



Quests involved in:


Only after repelling the Charr attacking Demetra:

Krytan Villager (female)
"I'm scared."
"Just make sure you all come back in one piece."
"Perhaps I should have gone to Lion's Arch with the others, but safety matters not. This is my home. I will defend it to my last breath."
Krytan Villager (male)
"I sent my family to Lion's Arch. They should be safe there."
"I will stay here and protect the village. Don't be long."
"What will we do if you fail? I'm frightened."
Krytan Villager (old man)
"It's hard to see your children off to battle, but I have faith that Rebekah and Jaemes will deal a vicious blow to those loathsome Charr. Do not let them come to harm. It would kill me."
Krytan Villager (Bryen's wife)
"Take care of my husband. We'll be waiting for your return"


Only after repelling the Charr attacking Demetra:

Krytan Villager (Bryen's wife)
"If things get out of I'd rather be wed to a living coward than a dead hero."


  • Several Krytan Villagers will never attack or be attacked by the Charr. These villagers include Bryen's wife, the old villager, and two female villagers.


  • One Krytan Villager is married to Bryen. She is standing with the three Krytan Children who are her children.
  • The old Krytan Villager is Rebekah and Jaemes' father.