Lenerd Aberold

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Lenerd Aberold
Ascalon crafter m.jpg
Affiliation Ascalonians
Type Human
Service Collector
Level(s) 2
Campaign Prophecies
Lenerd Aberold map.jpg
Location in Diessa Lowlands
Diessa Lowlands collectors map.jpg

Lenerd Aberold is one of four collectors located in Diessa Lowlands. The Singed Gargoyle Skulls he seeks are common drops in this area.



"I'm searching for 3 Singed Gargoyle Skulls. I can offer you one of the following items in exchange. Can you help me?"

Collector items[edit]

Lenerd Aberold[edit]

Location: Diessa Lowlands (outside Grendich Courthouse)
Collecting: 3 Singed Gargoyle Skulls

Item Stats Value
Belt Pouch Holds 5 items 5 Gold