Old Woman River

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Old Woman River
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Engineer Tosi
in The Floodplain of Mahnkelon
Preceded by Rilohn Refuge
Type Secondary quest
Old Woman River map.jpg
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Pacify the ghost guardian of the Elon so the workers can continue their work on the water pumps in peace.

Quest information[edit]


  • Find the river ghost.
  • Cleanse the area of Kournans. [5...0] groups of Kournans remain.
  • See Yartu for your reward.



In order to get the quest you must approach Engineer Tosi and a ghost will appear which scares Engineer Tosi. He will then run up the stairs and back down the other stairs in a circle two times before giving the quest. Follow the map to the river ghost Yartu and talk to him to receive your task. Then, travel south and dispatch the Kournan groups. Be careful when attacking; there are many Kournans and Corsair as well as Kournan and Corsair bosses, which may overwhelm even the best prepared parties. Kournan and Corsair Mesmers Shatter Enchantments, Rangers use Whirling defense, the bosses deal large amounts of damage and the Scribes deal AoE damage. Make sure to lure carefully. Once you kill all the Kournan groups, return to Yartu for your reward.






Initial dialogue[edit]

Engineer Tosi

"Did... did you see her? Ever since General Bayel sent his troops north to track down those Sunspears, she's been haunting this area. We can hardly get any work done thanks to her, but the soldiers all think we're crazy! Worse, fewer and fewer workers show up for their shifts. I don't have to remind you that if these waterworks fail, all of Kourna will be bone dry... and a true drought will devastate us all. Please, find this river ghost and see what we can do to put her spirit to rest."
Yes Accept: "I ain't afraid of no ghost."
No Decline: "Isn't there someone else you can call?"
Ask Ask: "The river ghost is surely around here somewhere…."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]


"Ha ha ha…dead? Far from it. No old woman am I, but a river spirit. Many shapes can I take. But these foolish Kournans forget their past."
"Return this river to its former glory. Dead the Drought may be, but more Kournan soldiers head this way. Preserve the balance of nature, yes? Shared purposes have we. Get rid of the Kournans and help you I shall."

Reward dialogue[edit]


"The last of them this is not. My words you must heed. In the Drought and the Hunger, the sunset of our times are foretold. Upon the world, Nightfall shall reign. Herald the new dawn, as only true heroes can."
"Powerful artifacts will I trade in return for Kournan trophies. Accept this reward. Bring more Kournan trophies from the field of battle if you can."


  • Yartu will not spawn if the quest Weird Waters is active.
  • Do not leave the area - you will have to restart the quest if you only partially finished it.
  • Once you accept the reward and leave, Yartu will not spawn anymore. If you want the items she offers, make sure to bring the Kournan Pendants along.
  • All 5 mobs of Kournans will spawn at the Kodonur Crossroads exit after finding Yartu. If you are attempting to get the Survivor title, don't use this exit while not having finished the quest.
Bug Bug.Even if you finished the quest but left the area before receiving your reward, Yartu will not spawn, making it impossible to get the reward.


  • The accept/reject lines are a reference to the movie Ghostbusters.
  • The name of the quest is a reference to the song Old Man River.
  • Yartu speaks in an inverted syntax, similar to Yoda, from Star Wars.