Oswalt's Epitaph

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Oswalt's Epitaph
Section Northern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Elsa Alston
in Traveler's Vale
(Northern Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by Shiverpeak Stragglers
Type Secondary quest
Oswalt's Epitaph map.jpg
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Mark the grave of Oswalt, a beloved husband who sacrificed himself to save his wife.

Quest information[edit]





Leave Traveler's Vale to the southeast and enter The Ascalon Foothills. Oswalt's grave can be found in the northern portion of the Foothills.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Elsa Alston
"My husband sacrificed himself so we could live, you know. Back in the Ascalon Foothills, we'd been cornered by a hydra, and he came rushing in, screaming and waving his arms, throwing rocks at it like a fool. A brave, selfless fool. It worked... He managed to lure it away from us, but... We buried what was left of him and raised a stone marker."
"I've written these words, now that I've had time and I'm not so numb. I feel so weak, but I cannot go back there. Would you...could you...find his gravestone and inscribe these words upon it? Oswalt deserves better than an unmarked grave."
Yes Accept: "Of course I'll help."
No Decline: "I'm too busy right now."
Ask Ask: "Did you find the gravestone? It's in the Ascalon Foothills south of the old ruins."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Oswalt Alston
"Elsa sent you? Then she is alive and well! That is all I need hear. Perhaps now my spirit can go in peace."


  • The epitaph reads, "Oswalt Alston. Loving husband in life. Savior in death. My strength. My inspiration. My love."
Bug Bug. When acquiring this quest, occasionally it will immediately update to indicate that you have completed the second objective ("Inscribe Elsa's words on the headstone"), but not the first objective.