Shiverpeak Stragglers

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Shiverpeak Stragglers
Section Northern Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Captain Osric
in Yak's Bend
(Northern Shiverpeaks)
Followed by Oswalt's Epitaph
Type Secondary quest
Shiverpeak Stragglers map.jpg
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Make sure that all stragglers who got lost along the road from Ascalon make it safely back to Yak's Bend.

Quest information[edit]





The best method of doing this quest, would be to go from the Borlis Pass outpost, follow the road southeast, and lead the refugees back to Yaks Bend. Alternatively, start at Yaks Bend, therefore making it easier to protect the refugees on the way back.

Elsa Alston is the only refugee who is required to survive to complete the quest.




Initial dialogue[edit]

Captain Osric
"Our trek into the mountains is proving a dangerous affair, and we've hardly begun. A few of the families who set out with us from Ascalon did not make it here to Yak's Bend, but I have hope they may yet survive.
I need someone to search along the road back to Ascalon and help out anyone who might be stranded. Are you up to the task?"
Yes Accept: "I'll find any stragglers."
No Decline: "This isn't my affair."
Ask Ask: "Search along the road back to Ascalon. There may be others trying to reach us who are not able to overcome the hazards of these mountains."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Guard Markus
"I'd start your search along the road to the southwest."
Elsa Alston
"Thank Dwayna, a friendly face! We've been lost in these mountains for days, dodging hydras and now these savage Dwarves. We are not soldiers. We cannot fight."
Unknown Everything will be all right.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Captain Osric
"We will see to it that the Alstons have food, clothes, and shelter. Prince Rurik charged me with ensuring that those who wish to make the passage to Kryta have a chance to do so safely, and I mean to do it...with the help of courageous Ascalonians like yourself, of course."


  • The Ascalon Refugees will shout "Look out! It's the Dwarves" and "Please protect us!" when you engage any mob, even if they aren't Dwarves. They will also attack, despite Elsa Alston's claim not to be fighters.
  • The refugees will continue to follow you and fight after leading them to Yak's Bend.
  • The refugees may be dead by the time you arrive, forcing you to restart the trip to them again.