Ascalon Refugee

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Ascalon Refugee
Ascalon refugee m.jpg
Affiliation Ascalonians
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 10
Campaign Prophecies

Struggling through the Shiverpeaks, these Ascalon Refugees need help getting to Yak's Bend.



Quests involved in:


"I feel a bit foolish. I don't think I knew how dangerous this trip would be."
"I hope we didn't make a mistake leaving Ascalon."
"I keep telling myself everything will be all right once we reach Kryta."
"I wonder how far it is to Kryta. My feet are torn and blistered already."


Battle quotes[edit]

"Here they come again!"
"Look out! It's the Dwarves!"
"Please protect us!"