Recruits for Hollis

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Recruits for Hollis
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Warmaster Tydus
in Ascalon City
Preceded by The Great Northern Wall
Type Secondary quest
Recruits for Hollis map.jpg
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Bring the new Army Recruits to Gate Guard Hollis.

Quest information[edit]



  • Go from town to Old Ascalon and find the Army Recruits.
  • Lead all three recruits west along the wall to the far gate and present them to Gate Guard Hollis.
  • Speak to Gate Guard Hollis for your reward.



Start from Ascalon City. Outside you will meet three Army Recruits, who will follow you automatically. Head to the Breach where Gate Guard Hollis stands. The quest will be updated when the three recruits have arrived. Take care of them because they move very slowly and must not die until they reach Gate Guard Hollis.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Warmaster Tydus
"There has been more trouble at the Wall. This time, the Charr have assaulted the far gate west of town. Hollis is severely undermanned, so we've been running him reinforcements as they become available. There should be three recruits just outside of the city gates in Old Ascalon, awaiting an escort. They'll get weapons from the fallen when they reach the Wall. In the meantime, I need someone to make sure they reach Gate Guard Hollis safely."
Yes Accept: "Consider it done!"
No Decline: "I'm sure they'll be fine on their own."
Ask Ask: "It should be simple enough to lead the army recruits to Guard Hollis. Just follow the Wall west until you find him. Now enough of this prattling! The Charr might renew their assault at any moment."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Gate Guard Hollis
"Welcome to the Wall. Weapons and armor await you on the other side"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Gate Guard Hollis
"These recruits look eager. That's something. My thanks to you for bringing them this far with breath still in their bodies. Now we'll just need to scavenge weapons for them from among our dead. Balthazar willing, they'll serve these new soldiers better than their previous wielders."


  • Make sure when you're starting out that you have three recruits. They are killed very easily, so if one is killed before you get there, you'll have to go back to Ascalon City and start the quest again.