Restless Spirit (Kryta)

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Restless Spirit
Restless spirit.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Ghost
Level(s) 10
Campaign Prophecies
Disambig icon.png This article is about a Restless Spirit in the Sanctum Cay mission of Guild Wars Prophecies. For other versions, see Restless Spirit.

The Restless Spirit can be found near the large boulder on the beach in the Sanctum Cay mission, where he is part of the mission bonus. He will follow the carrier of the Scepter of Orr to Vizier Khilbron. After speaking with the Vizier, he wil begin to follow your team. Be watchful because there are places where the spirit will get stuck.



"All those years in pain..."
"I can finally rest in peace."
"I will follow the Scepter."
"My spirit has been restless but the Vizier has enabled me to rest."
"Please take me to grave of my family so I can finally find peace."
"Take me to the Vizier."
"Thank You Friend."