Ritualist spike

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A Ritualist spike, more commonly known as a "ritspike" is a PvP team build which uses Ritualist Channeling Magic skills to spike down an enemy target.

Prior to an update, Ritualist spikes were more popular. While subsequent updates reverted and modified some of the changes imposed in that update, many skills in the Channeling Magic line were no longer suitable for spikes.

Currently, Ritualist spikes in Heroes' Ascent largely spike by snaring and knocking down a target to trap the target in the range of Spirit Rift and following up with various other damaging skills. Because this spike is easy to see coming, precision timing of enchantment is a must for the spike to go through.

One of the main attractants of Ritspikes is the ability to include Ritualist support skills including Binding Rituals, weapon spells and Restoration Magic skills.

Ritspike is considered a gimmick build.