Serpentine Scepter

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Serpentine Scepter
Serpentine Scepter.jpg
Type Wand
Campaign Factions
Divine Favor
Soul Reaping
Inspiration Magic
Energy Storage
Spawning Power
Damage type(s) Dependent on attribute
PvP reward class Exotic
5 Gold Zaishen Coin
Common salvage Bolts of Cloth
Rare salvage Monstrous Fangs
Inventory icon Serpentine Scepter.png

The Serpentine Scepter is a wand. It features a thick rod around which two serpents are entwined and whose heads come to face each other at the end of the wand.

The wand is tied to the primary attribute of its respective caster profession (except for Mesmer where it is tied to Inspiration). Its damage type depends on the attribute it is linked to.




Dye affects the wand's head and butt. The default color can be closely replicated using yellow dye.

Serpentine Scepter dye chart.jpg