Supplies for the Duke

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Supplies for the Duke
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Gate Guard Hollis
in Old Ascalon
Type Secondary quest
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Find the supply column and escort the Supply Bearers to Piken Square.

Quest information[edit]



  • Find the lost supply column.
  • Escort the supply column to Piken Square.
  • See Quartermaster Aada for your reward.



After accepting the quest, enter the The Breach. Once there a Hunter will whisper to you by the entrance. Head to Piken Square by following that hunter.

If you are starting from Piken Square, it is useful to combine this quest with "The Siege of Piken Square", "Fallen Soldiers" and / or "Army Life". If you do, you will automatically take the easiest way to find the Supply Bearers.

After talking to the Bearers you have to escort them back to Piken Square. Note that the Bearers are completely passive and provide no support along your way. To complete the quest, at least one of the Supply Bearers has to survive. The easiest way to ensure their survival is to head back the way you came (ahead of them) and destroy the Charr forces at the bridge before the Bearers get there. Do not enter Piken Square until the Supply Bearers catch up and you receive acknowledgement that the quest has been completed.




Initial dialogue[edit]

Gate Guard Hollis
"When Duke Barradin and the rest of the Vanguard broke through the Charr lines to Piken Square, they were unable to take much in the way of supplies. Supply columns have been heading out to Piken Square with regularity, but I have just received word from Quartermaster Aada that the latest column is at least a day overdue. The duke must have those supplies if he is going to hold out against the Charr! If you are heading to Piken Square, can you discover what has happened to the supply column?"
Yes Accept: "I will find the supply column."
No Decline: "I'm sure it will turn up without my help."
Ask Ask: "Find the missing supply column! They were last seen heading through this very gate toward Piken Square in the north."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Supply Bearer
"You were sent by Hollis? Thank the gods! We lost our armed escort in a pitched battle a day ago and have been trapped here ever since. We've got to break through to Piken Square. Barradin needs these supplies. You take the lead and we'll follow you!"
"We've got to break through to Piken Square. Barradin needs these supplies. You take the lead and we'll follow!"
(when reaching Piken Square)
"We've made it at last! We can take it from here, my friend. Speak with Quartermaster Aada in Piken Square. I'm sure he'll personally want to thank you for your help."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Quartermaster Aada
"You're the one who led the missing supply column here? My men and I owe you a great debt. Good luck to you my friend, and may whichever gods you pray to watch over you."