The Forgotten Ones

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The Forgotten Ones
Section Crystal Desert Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Annelle Fipps
in Destiny's Gorge
(Crystal Desert)
Followed by Forgotten Wisdom
Type Secondary quest
The Forgotten Ones map.jpg
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The Forgotten Ones map2.jpg
Alternative path from Augury Rock

Start a path to learning about Forgotten power, that eventually leads to extra attribute points.

Quest information[edit]




After obtaining the quest from Annelle Fipps in Destiny's Gorge, you can take one of two paths. You can take the northern exit at Destiny's Gorge and travel south through Skyward Reach. After a while, you will arrive at a teleporter which you will need to activate to continue south and then west where you will find Sariss Yassith. Alternatively you can map travel to Augury Rock, take the northern exit and travel south through Skyward Reach and then east to Sariss Yassith. The alternate route is a bit shorter, but takes you past a few groups of Hydra. Once you arrive at Sariss' location, simply speak to him to receive your reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Annelle Fipps
"Long ago, my people came to this desert seeking Ascension. We were met by strange snake-like creatures known as the Forgotten. My people immediately waged war on these creatures thinking them mindless beasts. While out exploring one day, I came upon a lone Forgotten in Skyward Reach and was amazed to find out that I could converse with the creature. I learned that his name was Sariss Yassith and he told me many of the secrets of this place, secrets that could have helped my people, but alas I was too late. You should seek out Sariss Yassith in Skyward Reach if you would find out more about these Forgotten."
"Will you walk the path of wisdom?"
Yes Accept: "I will find this Forgotten."
No Decline: ""There's a reason they're forgotten."
Ask Ask: "Seek out the wisdom of Sariss Yassith in Skyward Reach."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Sariss Yassith
"You come seeking the wisdom of the Forgotten? Know you then that my people are an ancient race, perhaps the most ancient to walk upon this world that you call Tyria. Once we ruled this world, now my people guard the secrets contained in the mesa, the secrets of Ascension. I sense in you an inner strength that I have not seen in the many peoples that have come to this desert throughout the ages. It may be that you will succeed in your quest, but nothing in this world is certain. I shall grant you a small boon to help you in your trials but if you seek greater knowledge, forgotten wisdom, you must seek out another."