Transformed Elonian

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Transformed Elonian
Affiliation Elonians
Type Not specified
Level(s) 10
Campaign Nightfall

Transformed Elonians appear during Halloween festivals from 2007 onward in Kamadan. They come in a variety of forms: a Gargoyle, a Grasping Ghoul, a Hellhound, a Restless Corpse, a Moa Bird, a Bone Dragon, and an Ettin.




"When I awoke today, I had this irresistible urge to climb atop the buildings and enjoy the view. I can't seem to find a way up, though...."

Grasping Ghoul:

"What in the name of all that is sacred is going on around here? One moment I'm buying some runes from the trader, the next I'm trying to eat his brains! I've never been so hungry in my entire life.... Maybe you could just let me chew on your arm for a little while? It won't hurt much."


"Woof! Rrraoof! Ahem, I mean to say, I woke up today with four legs instead of two, and I've got no arms! If this Mad King ever shows up I'm going to bite him! Arrroooo!"

Moa Bird:

"Others get transformed into ghouls and ghosts, and I'm a stupid moa bird! If anyone were to recognize me, I think I'd die of shame...."


"It's so c...c...cold out here! I'm f...f...freezing! I never realized how useful flesh could be until I w...woke up today and mine was g...g...g...gone! Honestly, that Mad King has gone to f...f...far!"

Bone Dragon:

"Never in my life have i felt so...strong! So confident! I am all powerful! I am master of all domains! No longer am I a poor beggar...instead, now I eat the poor beggars! The Mad King is the greatest thing that has ever happened to Kryta! Oooh, what is that shiny thing over there? I must have it...."


"It isn't fair! I am a beautiful woman trapped in the body of this...abomination! Look at my skin! Yesterday it appeared as the finest ivory; today, it is rife with weeping pustules, and the is overpowering! The Mad King has a cruel sense of humor...."


Hellhound (in order):

  1. "It's a dog's life. Woof."
  2. "This is terrible! I'm drooling everywhere!"
  3. "Grrrr....This is so humiliating! Someone threw a bone earlier and I couldn't stop myself chasing after it! The marrow was lovely, though...."
  4. "It's all I can do to resist the smell of that corpse over there...."


  • The Gargoyle, Grasping Ghoul and Moa Bird are the first to appear in Kamadan, the Skeleton and Hellhound appear a day later, the Bone Dragon and Ettin appear another day later.
  • Even though the Bone Dragon is a Transformed Elonian, it says that the Mad King is the greatest thing to ever happen to Kryta, most likely because he ruled in Kryta.

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