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Turtling (or base camping) is a defensive GvG strategy, where a team hides inside their base, taking advantage of area of effect bonuses, such as spirits, traps, and well spells, while also using the extra damage from the surrounding NPCs to deter against attackers.

Turtling is often used after a team has lost a normal flag stand contest and has been forced to fall back into their base. Turtling can be used by teams with inferior mobility against teams with superior mobility when that team realizes contesting the flag stand could cost them one or all of their NPCs. Some teams will turtle an entire match as a strategy.

Turtlers can cover for a split or attempt a push. Teams hoping for a successful push are often waiting for dead teammates to be resurrected or casters to regain energy. Good turtling teams often send out a player or two, in a attempt to fake an overextended frontline. A turtling team can also hope to use the advantage of friendly NPCs to make kills on an enemy team, helping to equalize death penalty.

Turtling risks include Monks running low on energy and the untimely death of allied NPCs.


  • In GvG, to turtle is to rely on the extra offense your NPCs generate, making the opposing team a little easier to kill or less of a threat.
  • In Heroes' Ascent, turtling most likely refers to balling up and using skills that have high defense or high healing (for example Ward Against Harm (PvP) and Heal Area) that work best in your small area.

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