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- Biography: Autumn is from the year 2008 AE, in the time where the guild wars were history lessons, and an online computer game. She loves the beauty of the fall season, with the tree leaves turning into different colors and flying in the breeze. Autumn is the oldest of three children, and her parents are both very professional and very busy, so she's more mature than most girls her age. Autumn met her boyfriend, Dusty, in school, and the two played the game together. But when after two years, Dusty cheats on Autumn and confesses, Autumn's heart is crushed. She begins wishing that she could become the very character she created in Guild Wars, for that's the only place she was really happy and seemed to fit in. One night, while going to sleep with her desire so strong, Autumn's dream comes true. She wakes up in Zehlon Reach, and the people know her as a hero. They welcome her with open arms, and Autumn's pain vanishes as she fulfills her destiny. -

Autumn Goldleaf
"Hope springs eternal"

Gender Female.png Female
Born in Elona
Age 10 year(s),4 month(s)
Created: 02 October, 2009
Profession Ranger Ranger
Level 20 1.500.000 XP
Guild The Koi Clan
Armor Head: Ranger Traveler Mask
Chest: Ranger Sunspear armor
Arms: Ranger Sunspear armor
Legs: Ranger Istani armor
Feet: Ranger Istani armor
Weapon Stygian Recurve Bow

User Autumn Goldleaf Autumn Goldleaf4.JPG
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