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Beast Of Aaarrrgghh+
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User Beast Of Aaarrrgghh Beast of Aaarrrgghh.JPG

General Info[edit]

Name - Kevin

Location - New Jersey, U.S.

Birthday - March 31st

Gender - Male

Guild - Monty Pythons Flying Guild

Position - Founder / Officer

About Me[edit]

  • I have been playing Guild Wars approximately 2 1/2 years. My first campaign was Prophecies, which I purchased in September of 2007, and it remains my favorite to this day. I currently own the three campaigns, as well as EotN, with plans to purchase the Bonus Mission Pack once my financial situation improves.
  • I am married to the player known as Shiva Eluluu, and will quickly get on the case of anyone hitting on her. Yes, I'm a jealous SOB, proud of it, and what's more important, she appreciates it. She hates when people are hitting on her. I let her take over leadership of the guild I created, because I don't really like being the great high muckety-muck.
  • I have all 8 of my character slots filled. Beast Of Aaarrrgghh is my main, a ranger primary. I have 2 characters in Pre-Searing, one Assassin (just started) who will be deleted now that Perma-sin is impossible, and all the rest are storage.
  • I have completed Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North with Beast. I am currently in the Southern Shiverpeaks in Prophecies
  • I refuse to take "runs" What's the point of a story if you skip through half the chapters?


As things are now, I have the following titles on Beast Of Aaarrrgghh:

  • Protector of Cantha (1)
  • Sunspear Castellan (8)
  • Special Agent (7)
  • Daring Delver (6)
  • Slayer of Wurms (5)
  • Not Too Annoying (5)
  • Mighty Lightbringer (4)
  • Companion of the Kurzicks (3)
  • Pioneer of the North (2)
  • Lucky (2)
  • Hapless (1)
  • Seeker of Wisdom (1)
  • Canthan Pathfinder (70%)
  • Tyrian Pathfinder (70%)

Apart from the account titles, none of the other characters have any.