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Shiri Buki Rah[edit]

Guild Degenerate Elite cape.png User Bloody Riz Shiri Buki Rah.jpg Guild Degenerate Elite cape.png

Name Origin: Shiri means "My Song" in one of the Eastern languages (I forget which one), and Buki Rah means "Bloody Hand" in the Drowish tongue.
About The Character: Shiri is finally beginning to look like the evil thing she is. However her evil would be similar to the Lawful Evil alignment from old Dungeons and Dragons. LE was always the worst bad guys to run up against, they do horrible things, but nothing illegal, kinda makes em hard to punish. LOL.
Gender: Female.png Female
Campaign of Origin: Prophecies
Birthday: July 23, 2013.
Professions: Necromancer Necromancer /Ranger Ranger
Level: 17
Pet: Strider.png Level 12 Strider named Damon, which is Latin for "Steadfast and Loyal". When a Black Moa is unlocked on my account, Shiri may have traveled to Post, and then will trade in for the Black Moa. Still deciding if she will remain in Pre permanantly or not.
Favorite Costume: Raiment of the Lich treated with purple dye.
Favorite Hat: Cowl of the Lich treated with purple dye.
Armor Goal: Krytan Armor treated with purple dye. She already has this armor, and will not be changing it, until such time as she actually goes through the Searing.

When/IF she goes post-searing, she will seek out Asuran Armor which will also get treated with purple dye.

Weapon Goal: Still deciding.
Guild and Position: Degenerate Elite, Pre-Searing Officer.
Titles Earned: Drunkard, Party Animal.
UserBoxes for this character:
Strider.png Shiri Buki Rah never leaves home without her Strider, Damon.