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Heraldos De La Llama Oscura Alliance
Leader Heraldos De La Llama Oscura
Members Clan Dark Zone • Fuerzas Especiales De Kamadan • Herederos De Grenth • Hijos De Hecate • II To Death Is To Life II • Keepers Of Nights • La Legendaria Guardia De Onark • Los Primeros Nacidos • Nice To Kill You
GWW-shield.png This user plays all GW campaigns: Core, Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North, and Beyond.
PvE This user enjoys PvE.
European flag.png This user plays in the
European territory.
This User is a member of the Luxon alliance.
Lightbringertitle.jpg This user is a title hunter
User Lensor gw2.jpg This user plans to buy Guild Wars 2