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About Me[edit]

I am a 17 Year old Texan, i have been playing for a little over 2 year's now.

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Ranger-tango-icon-200.png This user is a Ranger by nature.
[YaRR] This user lol'ed when he herd YaRR disbanded.
User Nian Melandru.jpg This user trusts in the guidance of Melandru.
Tiger.png Lord Randy Taylor never leaves home without his Elder Tiger, Cornflakes.
User Jora fan.jpg This user is a member of the Jora Fan Club.
User Lemming64 Drama1.png This user thinks the drama level is at whatever Lemming64 says it is at. Currently it is at level:1
43px‎ This user plays the Guild Wars expansion: Eye of the North.
This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
User Lensor TyriaMissionIcon.png This user is a Tyrian at heart!
PvX This user enjoys both PvE and PvP.
North America 70x40.png This user plays in the
North American territory.
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User Santax Owl.jpg This user is nocturnal.
User Master Fast Blade Radio.jpg This user listens to Blade Radio.
Price of Failure.jpg If this user has offended you, fail less.
Legendary Cartographer.jpg This user has a character that has achieved the title Legendary Cartographer by exploring the entire map in 3 campaign(s).
User King Keberos antiperma.jpg This user feels that Perma's are destroying GW's economy and compromising the Warrior's role as tank.

Contact information[edit]

IGN:Lord Randy Taylor

Guild:Wardens of the Forest[URGZ]