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Vital Data

  • Name: BioKraze Kadama
  • Gender: Male Male.png
  • Age: 28 years
  • Birthdate: Tuesday, 16 April 1985, 15:20 (UTC)
  • Location: United States, GMT -7 (Arizona, see below)
  • Occupation: Radical Dreamer

Behind the Dreamer

I've played a fair few number of games during my life, back during the third generation of the infamous "console wars." My heart has always been fair to games so old that few people remember them, though...despite the fact that I'm actually quite rubbish with them. I'm not the sort of gamer to go in for graphics alone - the storyline and game control factor in more heavily with my judgment than the graphics and sound. My experiences range from FPS to puzzle to RPG and beyond, but my favorite games are the ones you can hang around in and chill with your friends.

I had long been a watcher of online gaming as opposed to being a participant of it, and it was in early 2010 that I finally picked up a copy of the Game of the Year edition, for which I have fellow users and guildies Lady Chani and Dragonmonkey to thank. Guild Wars is my first online MMORPG that I've had the pleasure of playing, and in all likelihood the only one I'll consider.

As a "radical dreamer," it's my environment and my interests which lend an impressive strength to my already-overactive imagination. A lot of my idle thoughts are strange and somewhat impressive for being mere idle thoughts, and when I put effort into things like developing characters or creating might be best to take a couple steps back before one gets overwhelmed. I'm a big fan of writing and worldbuilding, both canon and fanon for my interests, and the influence of video games and speculative fiction hasn't dampened that enthusiasm one bit. My biggest problem may be the fact that I don't often open up to people interested in being a friend with me, and this more often than not spills into the person I am in-game; very cautious and wanting somebody to prove that they're worth playing with and trusting.

I should state, here and now, that I am hardly a "stop having fun" player. I think that a game is made to be enjoyable, even in competition. If you're playing a game and you aren't having fun at the most basic level, instead treating the entire thing as hardcore serious business? There's clearly something wrong with the way you're approaching the game and maybe you should take a step back, look at your approach before you go play again. There's nothing wrong at all with a healthy competitive spirit, but never let it consume everything you do with a game.

You'll notice that my location actually lists an American state. It's because the entire state (unlike the rest of the nation) doesn't change clocks for savings/summer time. It's a pain for me because I have friends in different time zones, especially on the east coast of North America. Usually I work my life around their schedules and not around mine, since they outnumber me.

Down to Tyria...

  • I've been playing Guild Wars for three years now, and I love the game and all its quirks.
  • Now that I've acquired my own key for Eye of the North, I have even more options. Still probably ticked my friends off, though. *grins*
    • Of my seven Prophecies characters, I have six in post and the seventh a dedicated perma-pre, given the important mission of raising funds at all legal costs.
    • Finally have multiple capped elite skills! And one of them is actually useful, too.
    • Finally have an ascended Tyrian! It's Miranda, but big surprise there.
  • I don't plan on touching PvP because I know from experience that I'd be rubbish at it.
  • I'm the sort of player who goes to extremes - either I'm a frontline melee fighter or a distance spellslinger.
  • While farming does get tedious and time-consuming, I see it as a way to polish my strategies, characters and account in one fell swoop. Three birds with one well-aimed stone, after all.
    • That said, I'm not above begging my friends for semi-freebies. They have a way for me to pay them back that we've negotiated.
  • I am not above sacrificing my dignity if it means I get what I want. Within reason, of course.
  • I tend not to initiate interaction with anybody outside of the guild beyond trading. However, if you're interested in chatting me up (or even making friends!), Miranda "Mirre" Belnades would be the best person to speak with.

Charter Record

  • Primary Allegiance:
  • Former Allegiances:
    • None. I owe my allegiance to Ohtori alone. For the Revolution of the World!

Dreaming Grandly

  • Develop my strategies for working with heroes; they're not "just customizable henchmen," anyway.
  • Help recruit for Ohtori Academy, despite being notoriously horrible with this sort of thing.
  • Obtain Small Equipment Packs for all of Lady Chani and Dragonmonkey's characters. Yes, including those who didn't originate in Prophecies.
  • Start memorizing areas I don't always spend my time in, particularly around areas of significant player activity.

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