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About me
  • Who I am: I am the Element of the Mew...
  • Guild: Proud Member of the Tokyo Knights [TK]
  • Main Character: Element of the Mew
  • PvP Characters: Guardian of the Mew, Shadow of the Mew, Scythe of the Mew
  • Other Characters: Forest of the Mew, Mystery of the Mew, Spirit of the Mew,

My Miniatures

Miniature Pig.pngHarry Porker

Extra Info
  • Proud Guild Member
  • Maintains and Updates his Guild's Wiki
  • All of Cybermewtwo's Characters end with "... of the Mew"
  • Myu/Mew is a reference to the Character from the Pocket Monsters anime series.
  • Mokona Domo
  • Super Wes
  • Twilight Stellar
  • Angel Apocalypse
  • Khamul Lahmuk
  • Paper Armie

TK Proud member of Tokyo Knights!
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