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User-Da Sonic TMT.png User:Valdimir/Shields

Info-Logo.png Note: 283 days since someone reset this counter.
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Feel free to reset this. User Valdimir Gw225.jpg



  • Mesmer-icon-small.png(F) Geriatric Devil (Survivor) (500,000/1,337,000)
  • Necromancer-icon-small.png(M) Green Goblin Minion (Minion Master)
  • Assassin-icon-small.png(M) Frank The Tank (First Char)
  • Warrior-icon-small.png(F) Countess Zhan (VwK Farmer)
  • Elementalist-icon-small.png(M) Dazed From Birth (Terra)
  • Elementalist-icon-small.png(F) Country Car Chaser (Perma-Pre)

To Do List[edit]

  • Finish Campaigns for Valdimir and Mhelnos.
  • Farm enough D-Cores for Vald's Gloves. (250/250) Done Yes
  • Farm enough Ectos for someone to get Chaos gloves. (75/75) DONE Yes
  • Get Vald to at least KoaBD (5/5)Yes
    • Mask
    • Norn
    • Monument
    • Monument
    • Asuran

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WIN This user has beaten all four PvE campaigns.
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