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General Information

  • Name: Fuse (my name in forums)
  • Location: Madrid, Spain
  • Territory: Europe
  • Age: 38
  • Gender: Male.png

Game Background

From child, I remembered me playing Pong. Years later my parents gave me a NES, but I could only play on holidays (study first). My favorite game was Booble Buble. Also I played arcade a lot (only 25ptas,now ~15cent €) as Street Fighter and The King of Fighters among others. In addition I have always had some friends with console games and the best moments were when we played Tekken 3 and Winning Eleven 3 (about Japanese football league).

I went late into the world of computers and I had my first PC in 1998. I played everything that fell into my hands. In my early days, I mainly played Quake II until internet connection came to my home and with it the Quake III Team Arena where I got good results. Over the years I changed to Half-Life saga, especially by friends, as they played some of the most famous mod, Counter Strike. At that time many mods appeared which ultimately only remained the best. The one that really hooked us was Day of Defeat where we did authentic massacres by sniper-camper.

In my second period I changed type of game and chose strategy games. First games were a turns based, I getting hooked up by the Civilization saga. I tried similar others, but they were not the same. Nowadays I still take a break to recreate me with Civ II CTP or Alpha Centauri. Ultimately for friends' advices I played StarCraft and switched to real-time strategy. But it happens to me with more games, I left the game for a season because I did not have time. There are stages of life and sometimes it is not possible to play what one wants. So when I could, I sporadically played to some graphic adventure as The day of the tentacle or some chapter of Tomb Raider.

In my third season reaching down now, I started to play massive online role-playing games. The first games were open betas or free games. Among them I played Ryzom, ROSE online, SilkRoad, Cabal, Rakion, Hero and ArchLord (sure there's some game I forgot). About monthly fee games I tried WoW, but it never convinced me. Until I saw the Guild Wars, the game that I fell in love. While I have been playing Guild Wars I tried Lineage II (14 days trial) and played in beta phase The Lord of The Rings Online and Tabula Rasa. Years later I also I tried , Aion, The Rift and Argo. I tried a lot of games and dont remenber all, but I am not attracted mainly because they have fees or I disliked their game systems.

Currently, I am still playing Guild Wars but I spend time as well in games like Starcraft II, Counter-Strike:Source Zombie Mod, Quake Live, Left 4 Dead and Half-Life 2 Mod NEOTOKYO. About offline games I recently played Alice Mandness Returns and is highly recommended .

Guild Wars & me

After seeing Guild Wars beta I convinced a few friends to buy Guild Wars Prophecies the first day on sale in Spain. One of my friends (Ethnar) founded the guild Los Hombres de Lendellow [HDL]. I was a officer about 1 year. We especially played PvE, until PvP called us on april 2006. While the rest of our friends were taking care of the guild, Ethnar and me went away together to Nocturnos [Noc]. In this guild we learned enough about Heroes' Ascent. Though I tried to play both, but I almost forget the PvE because the exclusive dedication to PvP. It happens with other PvP guilds and it was disolved 4 months later. We returned together to our original guild and continued playing.

On november 26th 2006, when Ethnar and other members left game few months ago, my friends that were still playing and me re-founded our guild with the name Lobos de la Sombra [LOBO]. For at least 1 year and a half playing elite PvE only we growed up our titles with excellent results. At this season, on Xmas 2007, I got my God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals for my necromancer.

Later, in the summer of 2008, we wanted to return to play PvP and deeply transformed our guild. Firstly as a mixed guild where we still played PvE while we were in a non-stop PvP learning. Secondly, several months later, we ended up playing only PvP. In the followed months we lived a golden era in PvP, but nothing lasts forever. In march 2009, a trusted friend took care the guild as provisional leader when some people left the game and other people with me went to another guilds to ensure our daily PvP play. Two months later, when I got my rank 9 in Heroes' Ascent, three friends and me returned to our guild [LOBO] where played together all game modes. We were few people in guild and needed to call people from friend list (N), but this did not seem a big problem for any months with the experience we had.

In november 2009, I left my guild hibernating when a trusted friend took care again the guild as provisional leader while we are waiting for Guild Wars 2 and I went to the elite PvE guild Nine Skill Bar [九龍] where I played for two months. Then, in february 2010, all guild mates bored about PvE created a new PvP guild called Nine Skillz Bar [NiNe]. Five months later, in july 2011, I returned to the new PvE guild called Nine Skills Bar [NiNe] where I still keep playing and doing all my way.

Anyway, I always keep my guild [LOBO] in my heart waking it up again in GW2.

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