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Spanish flag.png Versión española

Guild Lobos De La Sombra Guild Logo.png

Lobos De La Sombra [LOBO]
Guild Lobos De La Sombra Guild Cape.jpg
Territory European flag.png Europe
Language Spanish flag.png Spanish
Leader Doua Ayame
Faction Faction (Luxon).jpg Luxon
Type PvP / PvE
No. of members 15 (1+10+4)
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP Mumble
Forums Forum Lobos
Time zone GMT+1
Roll of Parchment.png

First season. Beginning in PvE and PvP touchdown: Doua Ayame, Ethnar Dulen and Elfo Comeflores started playing Guild Wars since the first day it went on sale. Soon, Ethnar, the first who learned how to found a guild, created Hombres de Lendellow [HDL] where he stopped along with all and Demona Alma Salvaje who entered at the next month. As they did not have much time to play together, they player when they could and they learned the mechanics of the game slowly. That was until shortly before the first anniversary when they were given time to go to other guilds while Elfo took care of clan. Ethnar was invited by Nocturnos [Noc], a PvP clan. Doua, with little experience in this game mode, managed to enter after Ethnar mediate. During four months they were learning the basics of the Hero's Ascent, but the enviroment was not the optimal among the players and guild was disbanded. Demona passed through the guild Dioses Oscuros [DO] mainly PvP oriented, but left it to focus more on PvE. Upon the finish of the excursions in late summer 2006, all returned to Hombres de Lendellow [HDL]. Elfo, which only had the Prophecies, finally abandoned the game, while Demona and Ethnar were absent and Doua continued playing at a slower ritm. Ethnar left the game shortly after release of the Nightfall campaign. After a fall in activity came, Adnon Mizzrim and Kratie Thrase entered to the guild. Adnon, who had the game from the beginning returned to play after more than a year of inactivity.

Second season. Foundation of the new guild and PvE elite oriented: that's how the November 24, 2006 Doua, Demon, Adnon and Kratio, with enough experience behind them, decided to remake the guild with a new and final name, Lobos de la Sombra [ LOBO]. It proposed several names as Lobos de Ascalon (Wolves of Ascalon) o Lobos del Inframundo (Wolves of Underworld), but always with the word Lobos to use the [LOBO] tag. Over time other people joined, things of fate, they were Ashaka Enora, Sir Talent, El Quebranta Huesos and Un Pie Mojado, beginning of the golden age in PvE, the best season without any doubt. With a magic cipher of 8 people, they launched to get titles in non-stop getting anything they wanted. Nothing lasts forever and after fulfilling the goals, the guild accusing some tiredness starting the second season of low activity. People are signed up for the absences, but many players do not curdled.

Third season. Mixed guild, back to the PvP without left PvE: while, in the summer of 2008, the members decided to play PvP, as the level of the clan was very low, guild signed several people, especially some players with a minimum knowledge of PvP with desire to teach the rest. While playing PvE mode, guild progress in Arenas and Hero's Ascent, but had not enought level for GvG, yet. Coinciding with the summer season there were moments of low activity combined with the weak commitment of some players in PvP and frustration involved in learning the game mode with frequent defeats, guild almost made worthwhile to consider whether to continue or return to PvE. With great patience clan improved enough to play GvG regularly.

Fourth season. Restructuring of the guild, leaving the PvE and PvP elite oriented: in Christmas of 2008 the progression was unstoppable and to get a higher level in PvP, guild had to spend all the time in this mode. The guild sacrificed PvE section and although the former members who were playing only PvE did not lose the privileges earned, some decided to go to other guilds. To raise the level of the guild in PvP, best players were signed, as Xena Ironfist, Adri Hell and others, with which came the golden season in Hero's Ascent. It was a moment that nno matter whatever the opposite, the guild won all best guilds and teams of the season. The morale was through the roof. Even in GvG the thing was pretty good, although it was not a priority game mode. But the story was repeated in March 2009, after some players fulfill their goals and left the game or they spent time on other things, causing the fourth period of inactivity. This led to other players, to whom they are close to meeting their targets, leaving temporarily to other clans to get them.

Fifth season. Back to the roots and looking forward to Guild Wars 2: In June 2009 the most important member of the guild reagroups, but it seems a parking of old glories that await the coming of Guild Wars 2. Most, with the main objectives completed, leaving the game. The four dogs that are helping each other to complete a secondary titles was pending. Guild tried to play any game mode, but calling contacts because this fifth period of low activity seemed the final one and we did not looking for new players. We are grateful to all who passed through here, but we did not repechaged anyone .

Sixth season. Definitive hibernation of the guild?: late 2009 we saw that revive the guild was a big effort, therefore active players were moved to an elite PvE, but a family guild called Nine Skill Bar [九龍], where the responsibility of managing were delegated, and thus we played at a high level for more than five months until February 2010. Later, we split the guild into two, one to play PvP called Nine Skillz Bar [NiNe] which closed in May 2010, and another firstly PvE oriented called Nine Skills Bar [NiNe], but that guild remained as definitive for al kind of play until today.

Main Game.png

Not currently recruitment, but in the next lines you can read the old ads:

In PvE: we are mainly looking for people who have no fear about hard mode or elite areas. Wherever we can, we help those newbies to everything they need bringing our experience, our statesmanship and our patience, since nobody is born knowing.

In PvP: we are looking for people with experience in Hero's Ascent and GvG. We do not want to overwhelm anyone, but we recommend unlock skills and upgrade components rather than spend Balthazar faction points in zaishen keys, and must have installed ventrilo to coordinate better and spend the shortest time possible in forming the party. We want people to learn quickly and we will do our best to have fun playing (stress kills).

In addition to experience, a primary requirement is that candidates should be educated and have more than the majority. Exceptions can be made, but we will test the maturity of the incorporations.

Main Event.png

We still play everyday at Nine Skills Bar [NiNe] guild. Information about events was in [LOBO]'s forumm, but now is inactive.

Celestial Sigil.png

All decisions are by simple majority. Being able to vote the founders and the officers carrying 6 months old with the exception of the absent ones that will be degraded temporarily and will recover their range when they return. Officials' quota covered.

Action Information Warning
In PvE: It obtained the rank of officer when completed all the cooperatives missions in one campaign with at least one character in normal mode & hard mode. It must be essential to have the 200 attribute points and all towns & outpost. In addition, the player must prove his worth collaborating with the guild in Hard Mode or some Elite Mission.

In PvP: it obtained the rank of officer when it had unlocked all skills, runes, weapon upgrades and inscriptions in the favourite profession and show sufficient experience to play as a coordinated team by VoIP.

No warning
If the action of a player dislike the majority of the members of the guild (leader, officers and members) is a source of degradation range, before being warned to correct such conduct in order that does not happen again or to be reached the clarification of the event in case it is a misunderstanding. 1 or 2 warning as the lack mild.
A player will be expelled when denigrate the integrity of another player after being degraded and warned again, not rectify behaviour. 1 or 2 warning as serious misconduct.


To meet us or join our alliance you can contact the leader or the officers. We will attend you as soon as possible but if you get us busy, be patience, we will reply.

Rank Vote Main character Profession Maximum title
Leader (1) (F) Doua Ayame Necromancer God walking amongst mere mortals (6), Renowned Hero (9) & Codex Acolyte (2)


(F) Adnon Mizzrin Monk God walking amongst mere mortals (6), Deadly Hero (4) & Fierce Gladiator (2)


(F) Demona Alma Salvaje Warrior God walking amongst mere mortals (6)


(F) Kratio Thrase Warrior People Know Me (2)


(V) Ashaka Enora Elementalist I Have Many Leather-Bound Books (4) & Fierce Gladiator (2)


(V) El Quebranta Huesos Necromancer My Guild Hall Smells of Rich Mahogany (5), Terrifying Gladiator (5) & Deadly Hero (4)
Official (1) (V) Sir Talent Warrior My Guild Hall Smells of Rich Mahogany (5), Fierce Gladiator (2) & Subjugating Hero (7)


(V) Un Pie Mojado Elementalist Protector, Guardian & Skill hunter of Tyria
Official (1) (V) Xena Ironfist Warrior My Guild Hall Smells of Rich Mahogany (5), Terrifying Gladiator (5), Renowned Hero (9) & Codex Disciple (3)
Official (1) (V) Adri Hell Monk God walking amongst mere mortals (6) & Subjugating Hero (7)

(F) = Guild founder.

(V) = Officer with voting right.

(1) Player who are now in the guild Nine Skills Bar [NiNe]

Lobos De La Sombra Alliance
Leader Lobos De La Sombra
Members Unknown