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Hi, I suscribed on this wiki the 2007/12/13. It was my first wiki subscribe.

Actually (end 2015), searching an exchange website; I need to buy some Lockpicks, wanna try to sell some stuff, and finding people time to time to do quests or so...


  • I'm member and leader of [DC] The Dark Conspiracy, was created in january 2001 by another personn, on an other game.
  • I want a duel arena (and not a 4v4 (1+heros) arena) !
  • I want a localisation in the hall where we can fight, without running "Escarmouche"

French GWiki / GWW Français ?[edit]

Every month, I read less this english wiki, because it's only in english ... So this game is for english users ? In game there is an English text-lang and a Funny-English text-lang (Bork! *3)... but there is no Japan/Russian/Spanish voices ! :'( So ... There is actually 2 unofficial frenchs wikis. I'm sure we can have one good if ANET rassembles them.

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