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This Paladin is designed for fast-pace PvE action and combines both high damage and powerful self-healing. In opposition to common Mending builds it is very economical concerning Energy. It has little to no downtime between fights and can also increase the self-healing of team mates. Both builds require Prophecies and the axe build requires Factions unless the Eviscerate variant is used (see Variations).

Attributes and Skills[edit]

 | Weapon Attribute | 12 + 1 + 1
 | Healing Prayers | 10
 | Strength | 8 + 1

Recommended setup for Sword[edit]

Sever Artery.jpg
Sever Artery
Galrath Slash.jpg
Galrath Slash
Final Thrust.jpg
Final Thrust
Hundred Blades.jpg
Hundred Blades
Vigorous Spirit.jpg
Vigorous Spirit
Sunspear Rebirth Signet.jpg
Sunspear Rebirth Signet

Alternate setup for Axe[edit]

Triple Chop.jpg
Triple Chop
Cyclone Axe.jpg
Cyclone Axe
Penetrating Blow.jpg
Penetrating Blow
Executioner's Strike.jpg
Executioner's Strike
Vigorous Spirit.jpg
Vigorous Spirit
Sunspear Rebirth Signet.jpg
Sunspear Rebirth Signet



  • Cast Vigorous Spirit on yourself (and team mates with high casting/attack rate) right before your party engages the enemy.
  • After casting Vigorous Spirit simply use each Skill when it becomes charged. Always be sure to use Sever Artery before using Gash. You should chain these skills.


  • Mobs which shatter enchantments temporarily disable the self-healing, but are no serious hindrance.
  • Blindness and evasion skills do not disable the effects of Vigorous Spirit.
  • This build is unsuitable for use in areas where many enemies are immune to bleeding.


  • If you do not trust your healers, take Healing Hands instead of your chosen Elite skill.
  • Exchange Triple Chop for Eviscerate and Dismember for Penetrating Blow for more focused damage.
  • Swap Penetrating Chop for Axe Rake to stop enemy healers from running or Axe Twist to weaken enemy Warriors, etc.
  • Taking Live Vicariously instead of a damage skill nearly doubles your self-healing.
  • If you find yourself short on Adrenaline all the time, swap Rush for Sprint and vice versa for Energy.
  • Take Shield of Absorption instead of your running skill when expecting to encounter large mobs to take some more pressure off your healer[s].
  • If you want to save your adrenaline, use Sun and Moon Slash instead of Final Thrust, if you are using a sword. It also gives more chances for Vigorous Spirit to heal you.
  • Any skills that provide IAS, such as Flurry, Frenzy, Berserker Stance..., will bring you more benefit from Vigorous Spirit. If you choose Frenzy, use Sprint (or Rush) to cancel it when you are under attack.