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General Information

  • Handle: Magnus, a name i adopted for online use a long time ago.
  • Location: Netherlands
  • Realm: Europe
  • Age: Mid Twenty's
  • Gender: Male.png


I started playing GW somewhere around June 2005, taking the first 2 months to get to know the game a bit.
Trying the proffesions and deleting them untill I created my Necro who is my oldest surviving character to this day.
Shortly after that I met a dutch woman who i started a guild with. Spending some time as guild leader i got interrested in other aspects of the game like high end PvE and PvP so i set out to find a more suitable guild.
Meeting new people along the way i joined a new guild in which I spend the most of my time as an officer while in GW. Done almost everything while in that guild from owning HoH to owning HzH.
Left that guild for personal reasons and have not spoken with them since.
Took my time and am now a member of Zealots of Shiverpeak.


I enjoy looking at other peoples userpages. It was funny to see that some people make their own Magic the Gathering cards. For people who know MTG they maybe recognise some of my character names because thats where i got some of the names from being an old MTG player myself. The names would be:
Volrath the Fallen
Ertai, Wizard Adept
Reya Dawnbringer
Nemata Grovegaurdian

If for what ever reason you want to reach me or talk to me leave a msg on my talk page or whisper me in game.

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This userpage is shamelessly ripped off from
Lensor because I could'nt be bothered to get to know wiki coding.
UPL Feel free to use my user page layout, but since I only modified it give Lensor the credit for the design.