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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars.
Monk-icon.png Nemata Lifeweaver
Healer's Boon.jpg Healer's Boon is Nemata Lifeweaver's favorite skill.
User Magnus Nemata Lifeweaver.jpg Created out of need since everyone needs Monks.
Level 20, Elonian Monk Female.png
  • "Behold the deeds of the Flameseeker Prophecy, fulfilled by Nemata Lifeweaver, who defeated the Titans, thwarted the machinations of the Lich, and freed Kryta from the Mursaat!"
  • "Let it be known, near and far, that Cantha's legends pay tribute to the honorable Nemata Lifeweaver, savior of the Emperor Kisu, who sent the traitor Shiro Tagachi to his rightful doom."
  • "Hail to the hero who freed Kourna, rescued Vabbi, defended Istan, and vanquished the dark god Abaddon in the Domain of Anguish! Hail, Kormir, Goddess of Truth, and her greatest champion, Nemata Lifeweaver! All Elona sings in praise!"
  • "Let all assembled know of the deeds of Nemata Lifeweaver, as he fought against impossible odds to defeat the great evil of The Great Destroyer and it's kin!"
Height: Min
Age: Febuary 2008
History: Youngest addition to the team but rose in ranks quickly. Nemata had a young Monk pupil she addopted and helped, but due to recent disrespect she has broken with her adopted daughter and is now a solid member of the team again.