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MorazaDarkheart here, hi and page still under construction.

About Me

Insert stuff about me.....


Assassin-icon-small.png Moraza Darkheart
Dervish-icon-small.png Zinnarra Darkheart
Ranger-icon-small.png Menza Darkheart
Necromancer-icon-small.png Dia Darkheart
Elementalist-icon-small.png Kreia Darkheart
Ritualist-icon-small.png Kagaza Darkheart
Warrior-icon-small.png Acolyte of Helx
Paragon-icon-small.png No Heart Spartan
Mesmer-icon-small.png Justicar Anstess
Monk-icon-small.png Smiting Darkheart

Future plans

Finish this page.....maybe someday

Dervish.png This user is a Dervish by nature.
Ranger-tango-icon-200.png This user likes Rangers.
Ritualist-tango-icon-200.png This user likes Ritualists.
User That Sounds Risky 7Heroes.jpg This user wanted seven Hero teams and got it!
User Gwen fan.jpg This user is a member of the Gwen Fan Club.
User That Sounds Risky MursaatIcon.png This user, for one, welcomes our new Unseen Overlords.
User Unending Fear Just say no.jpg This user despises Chaos Gloves.
"You're All Alone!".jpg "You're All Alone!" is Devona's favorite elite skill.
Luxon.png This user is a Luxon at heart.
This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
PvX This user enjoys mostly PvE, but also enjoys some PvP.
Miniature Ghostly Hero.png This user collects miniatures.
Tease.jpg This user owes ArenaNet a beer for nerfing Shadow Form.
User Getefix Insectgod.jpg This user revers the insect gods that came before the human gods.
Pyre Fierceshot.jpg This user is in the Pyre Fierceshot Fan Club
"Abaddon Head" concept art.jpg This user embraces the madness of Abaddon.
"Dervish Grenth Avatar" concept art.jpg This user's patron god is Grenth.