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Mister Mime

Level 20
Homeland Cantha
Armor Mesmer Krytan armor
Weapons Milefaun's Staff
Ensorcelling Staff
Titles Sunspear rank (?)
Mighty Hero (3)
User Skaspaakssa Mister Mime.png

Mister Mime[edit]

Mister Mime is my PvE Mesmer. He's fun but I've gotten spoiled by heroes, his heroes aren't level 20 yet, and I don't want to train them. He actually hasn't had trouble finding groups, but I don't really PuG anymore.


Skills Used[edit]

Mantra of Recovery.jpgFrustration.jpgClumsiness.jpgImages of Remorse.jpgConjure Nightmare.jpgAuspicious Incantation.jpgCry of Pain.jpgResurrection Chant.jpg

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