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Aanli Puff

Level 20
Homeland Cantha
Armor Monk Tyrian armor
Monk Canthan armor
Weapons Spirit of the Forgotten/Byzzr's Benediction
Titles Sunspear rank (?)
Lightbringer rank (?)
Mighty Hero (3)
Screenshot User Skaspaakssa Aanli Puff.png

Aanli Puff[edit]

Aanli Puff was my first character. He started out using Bane Signet and Power Shot, decimating Mantids all over Shing Jea Monastery, but then he got deleted, and remade with the ingenious idea of using Divine Favor with Restoration Magic. When that didn't work, he got abandoned in Shing Jea, in favor of Arca Anine, for a very long time. However, since then he has completed both Prophecies and Factions.


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