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About Me

I am a female English player, with a degree in Cybernetics and Control Systems Engineering. I've been obsessed with Guild Wars since September 2005 and was lucky enough to be chosen as a winner to the European Wintersday Party in Brighton by ArenaNet. I'm currently working as a C++ programmer in the South of England. I have a soft spot for cookies, hugs, things that make cute noises (ie rock beetles) and frogs.

My place in Guild Wars

Since May 2006 I've been heavily involved in the creation of my guild Mystic Spiral, whom I still lead after a short sabattical last Spring. Despite dabbling in PvP and previously being a member of a rank 800 guild, I am a PvE player through and through, and enjoy nothing more than beating campaigns repeatedly, helping others and earning titles as can be seen here.

I rarely delete characters, instead electing to add character slots and seperate accounts, of which I now own 3. Yes I hoard things. If it can be hoarded, it will be. Dyes, materials, monster items, runes are all things I hoard as well as Green Bows.

Title Seeking

  • Get Rank 6 KoaBD on my Ranger - Done!
  • Get Rank 6 KoaBD on my Monk - without dying once
    • Rank 1 obtained
  • Finish Legendary Defender of Ascalon... Maybe before GW:2

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