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Our Guild, Ascalon City Heroes [Ache], is really small and focuses on PvE: Quests, missions and developing characters, e.g. by capturing Elite skills. We used to be more active, but we lost more than half of our players to World of Warcraft.

24 months of Guild Wars       24 months of World of Warcraft

- Prophecies
- Factions
- Nightfall
- Eye of the North


€ 40,00
€ 40,00
€ 40,00
€ 35,00


- World of Warcraft
- The Burning Crusade
- Two months of trial
- 11 Time cards


€ 40,00
€ 35,00
€ 0,00
€ 319,00

 (€ 29,00 / 2 months)



I'm a student of Information Technology, more specifically programming. My favourite programming languages are PHP and C# and I always use MySQL databases. I have a small server at home running an Apache webserver and an UnrealIRCd IRC server 24/7.

Other Games[edit]


I listen to a lot of different music, but I really love the sound of an electric guitar:


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