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Watchtower Coast[edit]

Day 20[edit]

  • Yoshida Keiji (a.k.a.:Oboro)'s comment:

Mergoyles with Power Block were a pain to all casters, Leot had a great time :P These creatures have Mantra of Lightning and I was playing Air Magic Elementalist... I'm so 1337. The Oakheart (Kryta) were using Energizing Wind and there was one particular group that moved fast located near the portal to Divinity Coast. Easy area.

  • Narya Asta (a.k.a.:Matheus Lividus)'s comment:

Numbers of hexes is enormous. It wanted more hex removal skills from the start, but there is no way that all of them will be removed immediately. For me, there is only one way how to lower the possibility to be target of those hexes. If you take mm with you, you will increase number of targets for their hexes, also in this area there is no effective defence againts minoans. So feel free to use them as first line of your defense here. It will not solve everything but it helps.

  • SuperRobertWa (a.k.a.:Solo Monk Leot)'s comment:

My skill bar was far from optimal, Life Bond protected Tahlkora only seldom. Oakhearts were no threat at all; the avicara were only able to score skills when overaggroed. However, I think Alesia would get a hard time healing with the combination of Spiteful Spirit pressure and the constant rupts of the Mergoyles. Still, in my experience this is one of the easiest areas in prophecies to vanquish, despite the 6 party limit it is definately doable with henchman.

Team Build[edit]

Party Team Build Template Code
"Watch Yourself!".jpg
Balanced Stance.jpg
Healing Signet.jpg
Skull Crack.jpg
Thrill of Victory.jpg
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Template Code
Little Thorn
Cyclone Axe.jpg
Healing Signet.jpg
Penetrating Blow.jpg
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Template Code
Air Attunement.jpg
Aura of Restoration.jpg
Glyph of Lesser Energy.jpg
Lightning Surge.jpg
Chain Lightning.jpg
Lightning Orb.jpg
Blinding Flash.jpg
Lightning Javelin.jpg
<< OgBCgMzQ40iczfXO3mD >>
Matheus Lividus
Arcane Echo.jpg
Spiteful Spirit.jpg
Insidious Parasite.jpg
Desecrate Enchantments.jpg
Mark of Pain.jpg
Awaken the Blood.jpg
Blood Ritual.jpg
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Solo Monk Leot
Vigorous Spirit.jpg
Word of Healing.jpg
Dwayna's Kiss.jpg
Protective Spirit.jpg
Remove Hex.jpg
Life Bond.jpg
Glyph of Lesser Energy.jpg
Aura of Faith.jpg
Divine Healing.jpg
Mend Ailment.jpg
Restore Life.jpg
Reversal of Fortune.jpg
Shielding Hands.jpg
Template Code

User Yoshida Keiji Journey to Sumpu Watchtower Coast.jpg