Warrior's Challenge

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Warrior's Challenge
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Duke Barradin
in The Barradin Estate
(Ascalon (pre-Searing))
Type Secondary quest
(Profession: Warrior)

Duke Barradin wants to scare off the ettins by having someone defeat Agnar the Foot.

Quest information[edit]



Early benefits[edit]



Agnar the Foot can be found on a hill south east of The Barradin Estate. He will not attack until he is attacked.

When his health goes below 50%, he will use his unique skill Agnar's Rage to knock foes down while healing himself.

The quest is designed to favor the use of a hammer, as:

With enough damage output however, you can usually kill him before he gets the chance to heal.





Initial dialogue[edit]

Duke Barradin
"An ettin called Agnar the Foot has been causing trouble in my vineyard. I could send my guards to deal with him, but if you can defeat him in one-on-one combat, I think it will send a stronger message to the giants that I'm not to be toyed with."
"The trick with a hill giant is to watch for his Rage skill and interrupt it. I can give you the Hammer Bash skill to knock him down when he tries it, and even loan you one of my hammers if you need it, but it will be up to you to time it right and defeat him."
Yes Accept: "I am not afraid."
No Decline: "Not today."
Ask Ask: "To defeat Agnar, watch for him to start his Rage skill, then hit him with the Hammer Bash. He shouldn't be hard to find. He is an ettin, after all."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Duke Barradin
"You defeated Agnar, then? Well, well...not bad for a beginner. You can keep the hammer for certain, and I expect I won't hear much about Agnar any more around here. I do, however, expect to hear much more about you. It is a tough world out there for Warriors to conquer."