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Minor Racial Impact (Discussion)

In my opinion, races should have very little impact on the different professions. By giving certain races advantages to certain professions, you automatically make some combinations less effective; lowering the player’s amount of choices.

As an example, I could easily see that selecting Asura as your race would have a positive impact on spellcasters, due to their high intelligence (which is often connected to magic), whereas perhaps Charr or Norn would make better warriors, due to the brute strength of their nature.

What I’m trying to say is that if the player wants to play a Charr spellcaster, he or she should by no means turn out as a lesser mage compared to an Asuran spellcaster! I can understand that since the Charr would look like savage beasts compared to the sophisticated Asura, and that by logic they would both be better fit with professions more suited to their race.

Of course, there will always be new problems in this matter, as an example: Charr will always be better bodyblockers than Asura, and (if the Z-Axis works according to the laws of physics) Asura will always be able to jump higher than a fully plated Charr (I can’t decide what’s worse; small, bouncing Asura everywhere, or large, goofy Charr acrobatically jumping around).

I understand that this is more like a reverse idea, when posting thoughts on how something should not be, instead of adding creative ideas which could actually add content to the game; but I know several people who are as worried about this as I am, and this is my way of conveying these humble concerns. Hopefully there will be even more people who wants to have a say on this, and perhaps even add some ideas on how to achieve only minor racial impact on professions.

EDIT: I posted an idea, making up for my past sin of posting an issue without a theoretic solution! :D

-- Verhaze User Verhaze V Sig.gif 17:11, 15 July 2008 (UTC)

Why this is a good idea
  •  It gives expanded character customization.
  •  Removes the feeling of pre-made race/profession combinations.
  •  A small precaution against racial requirements for entering teams (Team looking for Norn warriors ONLY!!).
  •  Gives a larger variety to the game society.
Why it may not work out
  •  Could defy logic. But it’s a game, most things do.