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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

Mounts (Discussion)

Why should we have mounts you ask? First off, who did the heroes from those fairytales ride to that castle, dragon or princess? Their trusty steed of course! Not only would they help the heroes get places faster, they can do it in style! Another good idea is if you could name your mounts to make them feel more personal to you. Or maybe you could use them to hold equipment? Maybe you could also turn pets from GW into mounts in GW2. It would be really fun to ride on the back of a black widow!or fly on a giant mountain eagle!

Additionally, to make mounts more than an everyday thing, mounts should be only tamable in hard mode explorable areas. You can only get the skill to tame a mount if you have obtained a certain character title. They should also have armor with an energy disadvantage for more balancing.

Not only animals, but maybe mechanical things, because the Asurans are very crafty. They can create vehicles for people to ride in.

PvP could also include mounts. For example, your dragon could breathe fire, or a mole could dig a tunnel for you to hide/sneak past people. Also some skills should attack these mounts. Certain professions should enjoy benefits of having a certain mount. Also, there should be race specific mounts to (just don't make dragons race specific, maybe different kinds of dragons race specific).

There should also be some fuel for the mount. For example, a feed for the dragon, or some type of liquid fuel for the engine of the vehicle (make it eco-friendly!).

There should also be a place in each city where your mount can rest if you dont want to buy fuel, (which would be instanced). Also, you could have passengers on your mount. Lets say your new roommate at University just started GW2, and you are some awesome player. You could help your friend get around a lot faster by letting him/her be a passenger.

Another thing you could do is let players fight on mounts. It would be better than just riding your mount getting off, fighting , getting back on, and so on. However, only some mounts/ types of weapons should be possible to fight from on your mount.

Maybe, ArenaNet could make partial map travel, and partial travel by mounts. For example you could have 5 main points of map travel, and from then on mount travel would be required to get to more specific areas.

Why this is a good thing
  • A very stylish way to travel around.
  • Faster then walking, thus easing travelling. Particularly important if there will be larger areas or if map travel is removed.
  • New money sink
  • A fresh new aspect of Guild Wars. Mounts don't just have to be used for running, they might be used in combat and might have a number of disadvantages to balance out the number of players using them.
  • New elements to PvE and PvP. Like a one on one match called "Jousting".
  • Would be great for having Mount vs Mount or Companion Vs Companion only battles.
  • It would give more purpose to the Hall of Monuments, having pets or some birthday miniatures from GW turned to Mounts
  • Gives the veteran members a higher status and amount of respect
  • this is good they should just take out map travel and no pvp mounts and flying mounts for faster travel to outpost or cities
Why it may not work out
  • Would mounts be allowable in PvP, if so how are they balanced?
  • Mounts may not be required to effectively move around.
  • Mounts are a way to lesser a time sink. The primary reason of mounts in other games is less the social aspect and more how it makes one time sink (having to waste time going from one place to the other) a bit less worse than it is. Since GW2 does not need such time sinks, such reason for having mounts is invalid.
  • Nearly every other online game has mounts.
  • Asking for mounts is like asking for the elimination of map-travel, and I do like to map-travel.

  • "Rent-a-mount" rather than "own-a-mount", like the Wurm travel in Nightfall might be used in some areas and not others, just as a way of making the game interesting.

Mounts (Discussion Cont.)

I like this guys idea but i think it would just be better to change the requirements from a certain title to maybe a certain level. a suggestion on the playable races gave me an idea. it said something about adding Kraits as a playable race but instead have them as a type of mount because they metamorphose into distinct stages giving the idea to have a mount leveling system like if you want a dragon mount u can buy a dragon egg at any time once u get to a certain area(granted it shouldn't hatch til you are the required level to ride a mount) and once the egg hatches you will have a dragon hatchling that can only be a fighting ally until it is at least an adolescent. or it can hatch a few levels before you can ride it and if you level it enough it can evolve or metamorphose into the stage it needs to be but it doesn't have to be just dragons and race specific mounts.

Race specific mounts - i think the mount for the Asuran should be a type of vehicle/golem like the guy above said for the Charr it should be the siege devoures like in the Charr homelands on the Eye of the north expansion campaign and if the dwarfs have a mount it should be like the lizard that Drognar was riding just before he killed Rurik in Prophecies, a dolyak or one of those siege giants in the southern shiverpeaks, for the Norn it needs to be like an armor plated bear, humans should be horses, Sylvari should have a plant type creature like from the beginning of the nightfall campaign the Iboga.

Reasons it may work
  • It keeps some of Guild Wars 1's pet ideas keeping a fun factor of Guild Wars to the pet taming fans
  • It adds a fun experience to leveling allowing your pet to grow and change to become a mount
Reasons it may not work
  • It may frustrate people in the fact they want a mount then instead of it growing into a mount
  • It may add a bit of more issues to game play graphics factors for the pet growth especially with people running with minimal system requirements

Mounts used for "activities' (Discussion)

Mounts may be used to introduce new types of mini-games or interact with environment:

  • Speed racing
  • Jumping obstacles race
  • Accessing different unreachable areas in PvE (reaching a treasure chest for example)
  • Destroying obstacles (of course there should be explosives too, in case you don't want to use a mount or you don't own it yet)
  • Mounts may be specific to each race: humans have horses, Asuran have magical machines, Sylvari have spiders (bugs), Norn have bears, Charr have tigers (cats)
  • There could be a "taxi service" which for an amount of gold can take you to different locations to unlock them or just using the service to admire the world (doing something different than just dancing around)
  • Mounts could be summoned instead of using "running skills'

Why this is a good thing
  • Adds diversity to environment and new look
  • A chance to introduce racing games in the gameplay
  • GW world and races have evolved in 200+ years, there must be some sort of transportation invented.
Why it may not work out
  • I see many of people here don't want mounts because of map travel. So it may be a reason. I don't know

New Mount Suggestions. 1-7-09

  • 1. Map travel should stay only if you are in a town, that way you do have to use the mounts when out in the world or an instance.;
  • 2. Mounts should have their own skills and PVP for fun and have bets on who's mount will win. ;
  • 3. Mounts and Companions should be the same thing.;
  • 4. Your Mounts/Companions should share your attributes and have templates when in use to distribute a personal balance handicap.;
  • 5. There could be Rare High Level Mount/Companions that are Race/Class specific.;
  • 6. Other Mounts/Companions should be usable by any class, race but have a distinguishable style that is specific to the class/race.;
  • 7. There could be Saddle Bags that vary in size. ;
  • 8. Some Companions could not be mountable but have special skills such as fetch, dig, climb and guard to offset the difference.;
  • 9. There could be water mounts like Fish type or Boat type with guns on them.;
  • 10. There should be elite Armor and rare Armor and claws/weapons/magic to quest for and equip your Mounts/Companions.;
  • 11. Guilds could have select a certain mount that if everyone in the Guild uses that Mount they get a Buff.;
  • 12. Guild Marker Flags attached to saddles to show your Guild Emblem.;
  • 13. They could have "Pet Tricks" that you could teach by finishing certain Quests so they could even dance with you.;
  • 14. Definitely need a storage for up to at least 5 pets.;
  • 15. Might be possible you could change the looks of them, color, patterns , armor, coat length and rarities.;
  • 16. You should be able to sell and trade them.;
  • 17. They could have modes or stances. ;
  • 18. You could breed them with other animals to find rare Cross-breeds and sell those as well.;
  • 19. Magicians/Casters could have Orbs and Floating Mounts/Companions/Devices.;
  • 20. They should eventually age and Die or break keeping the need to sell and resupply them. ;
  • 21. The rarer they are, the longer they will last.;
  • 22. Flying Monkeys lmao...;
  • 23. While we are at it why dont we just copy all of WOW in to GW