Banana Scythe

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Banana Scythe
Banana Scythe.jpg
Type Scythe
Campaign(s) Nightfall
Damage type(s) Damage
PvP reward class Exotic
8 Gold Zaishen Coin
Value Can't be sold
Salvage Not salvageable
Inventory icon Banana Scythe.png

The Banana Scythe is an unusual scythe with a head that resembles a half-peeled banana.

[edit] Stats

Dmg: [sic] 10-10

[edit] Acquisition


[edit] Dye

Dye affects the scythe's snathe. The default color can be closely replicated using brown dye.

Banana Scythe dye chart.jpg

[edit] Notes

  • Other items with this appearance:
  • It cannot be improved with Scythe Grips or Scythe Snathes.

[edit] Trivia

  • When asking about Wanted: Carnak the Hungry, this scythe is mentioned.
  • This scythe and lines from its associated quest dialogue are references to the "Self-Defence Against Fresh Fruit" sketch by the British comedy group Monty Python.
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