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Type Monument
Campaign Eye of the North

"Resilience" is a monument in the Hall of Monuments for displaying prestige armor sets. This monument is considered full when five armor sets are on display.


[edit] Location

[edit] Text

Even the greatest castle must rely upon its wall, tough and strong
To prevent disasters, to keep its people safe, armored against wrong
Never in danger.

The armor of [Character Name] belongs here.

Examine the Monument to Resilience.
No armor sets are on display. (if none are)
Ascended armor sets on display: (if any are)
[Armor Set Name] (for each displayed)
YesDisplay [Armor Set Name]. (repeated for any set which is not displayed and of which a piece is worn)
You are not wearing a complete set of [Armor Set Name]. The platform does not respond to you. (with fewer than 4 pieces)
View the "Resilience" inscription again.
Are you sure you wish to proceed? (with 4 pieces)
YesDisplay [Armor Set Name]. (cinematic of placing ensues)
NoThink it over some more.
The monument looks empty. A tapestry covering the wall behind it would make it seem more complete. (with no tapestry)
Yes Display a tapestry. (if one is in inventory)
The room courses with energy. You have unlocked the Monument to Resilience. Your . may be . here.
Examine the Monument to Resilience.
View the "Resilience" inscription again.

If at least one statue is displayed,
Witness here the armor of the legendary hero, [Character Name], whose achievements will never be forgotten.

Examine the Monument to Resilience.
Yes Cycle displayed armor.
Yes Arrange display.
Which statue location do you want to set?
[Warning:] Once you have set a statue location[sic] that location will remain set and not cycle with other statues until you reset all locations.
Yes Center.
Yes Left.
Yes Right.
Yes Far Left.
Yes Far Right.
Yes Please reset all of my placed statues.
Yes Gaze upon your displayed accomplishments. (plays cinematic)

[edit] Statues

The following table shows which armors are obtainable by each profession:

Statue Warrior Ranger Monk Necromancer Mesmer Elementalist Assassin Ritualist Paragon Dervish
Granite Citadel Ascended Armor Elite Platemail   Elite Judge Elite Cultist Elite Elegant  
Granite Citadel Elite Armor   Elite Fur-Lined Flowing   Elite Noble Elite Flameforged  
Granite Citadel Exclusive Armor Elite Dragon Elite Studded Leather Elite Woven Elite Cabal   Elite Iceforged  
Marhan's Grotto Ascended Armor Elite Templar Elite Drakescale   Elite Scar Pattern   Elite Stoneforged  
Marhan's Grotto Elite Armor Elite Charr Hide Elite Druid Elite Saintly Elite Profane Elite Enchanter  
Marhan's Grotto Exclusive Armor Elite Gladiator   Labyrinthine Elite Necrotic Elite Rogue Elite Stormforged  
Elite Kurzick Armor Elite Kurzick  
Elite Luxon Armor Elite Luxon  
Elite Canthan Armor Elite Canthan  
Elite Exotic Armor   Elite Exotic  
Imperial Ascended Armor   Elite Imperial  
Elite Sunspear Armor Elite Sunspear   Elite Sunspear
Vabbian Armor Vabbian
Ancient Armor Ancient
Primeval Armor Primeval   Primeval
Asuran Armor Asuran
Monument Armor Monument
Norn Armor Norn
Silver Eagle Armor Silver Eagle  
Obsidian Armor Obsidian

[edit] Generic statues

If a character looks at the account-wide version of this monument, and an armor set they do not have access to is displayed (for example, a warrior looking at an Elite Exotic statue), then a generic bronze statue, depicting a male and female each wearing an example of that armor, will be shown:

[edit] Reward points

By filling up this monument you can acquire up to eight points for rewards for Guild Wars 2.

Points Requirement
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points 1.jpg Any Armor Statue
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points 1.jpg 3 Armor Statues
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points 2.jpg 5 Armor Statues
(Full Display)
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points 1.jpg 7 Armor Statues
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points 1.jpg Kurzick or Luxon Armor Statue
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points 1.jpg Vabbian Armor Statue
Guild Wars 2 Reward Points 1.jpg Obsidian Armor Statue
Total points: 8

[edit] Notes

  • To dedicate armor, you must first display a Monumental Tapestry for that character's Resilience Monument.
  • Only the four body armor pieces are required to dedicate a set, even if there is a headpiece available for it.
    • Whether you purchase the headpiece or not, it will be displayed on your character's statue.
    • You must be wearing the set to dedicate it.
    • You can destroy the armor after dedicating it, without affecting the statues on the monument or your score for the HoM Reward Calculator.
  • Upon entering the Hall, the monument will display the armor of the party leader:
    • All sets will match the color of the leader's torso piece.
      • Rearranging or displaying a new statue resets the colors to match the leader's currently worn torso piece.
      • If no chest piece is worn or the dye color predates the Nightfall dye update, then the color will be red for EotN armor, and the default profession color for other sets.

[edit] Trivia

Hall of Monuments

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