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Ghost Champion.png
Affiliation Halloween
Type Ghost
Profession Warrior Warrior
Service Arena guard
Level(s) 15
Campaign Core

Bobby is a special event NPC that appears during Halloween and transports characters to the Costume Brawl.


Only appears in the following locations during Halloween, from 2007 onward.


"When Mad King Thorn shows his pumpkin face around these parts, people tend to start dressing up in costumes...perhaps to hide from the mad monarch. Of course, the question is, what does a hearty adventurer do after getting all dressed up? Well, go partake in the Costume Brawl, of course. No, not ball, brawl. Adventurers of all skill levels are welcome at the arena for a brawling good time. Would you like me to escort you to the Costume Brawl?"
I am ready to party! Send me to the Costume Brawl.
"Are you sure you would like to travel to the Costume Brawl? You will be separated from your party."
Yes Yes, send me to the Costume Brawl.
No No thanks. I'll stay here in my own skin.