Charr Reinforcements

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Charr Reinforcements
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Ivor Trueshot
in Piken Square
Type Secondary quest
(Profession: Ranger)
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Make a tour around The Breach with Aidan killing some Charr and finally the Necromancer Boss Kaargoth Bloodclaw.

Quest information[edit]



  • Meet Aidan just outside of Piken Square.
  • Ambush Charr reinforcements.
  • Pillage the Charr Supply Depot.
  • Kill Kaargoth Bloodclaw.
  • Return to Ivor Trueshot for your reward.



Meet Aidan just outside of Piken Square and talk to him. Follow him to kill 4 Charr Stalkers and then slay another group of 4 Charr Stalkers to pillage the 4 Charr Supply Depots (Chests), only one of them may contain an item. Finally kill Kaargoth Bloodclaw (Necromancer Boss). Walk back with Aidan to Piken Square for the reward. Aidan must survive to complete the quest.








Initial Dialogue[edit]

Ivor Trueshot
"I need someone who can handle themselves for a mission behind enemy lines. We need to hit multiple targets disrupting the Charr advance at Piken Square. If you're willing to accept a little risk, you can meet Aidan just outside of Piken Square and he'll give you the details. What say you?"
Yes Accept: "I will go meet Aidan."
No Decline: "Sounds too dangerous."
Ask Ask: "Well, go on then. Meet Aidan just outside of Piken Square"

Intermediate Dialogue[edit]

Aidan: "So Ivor sent you to help me on our little mission, eh?! I was afraid he'd send some green recruit, but I can see my concern was unfounded. We are going to hit the Charr hard at several key points deep behind their lines and then win our way back to Piken. Sound easy enough? Our first target is a column of Charr reinforcements that my scouts have spotted coming in from the west. I'll lead the way while you keep an eye on our backs. Let's move out!"
Aidan: "Let's move out!"
After killing the first Charr column
Aidan: "The Charr should miss those Warriors when the times comes to fight. Come here and let me tell you about the next target."
Aidan: "Now we need to travel to a nearby Charr supply depot and help ourselves to the weapons the Charr have so thoughtfully stored there. I'll lead the way again, and you follow."
After killing the second Charr column
Aidan: "Nice of them to leave these weapons here for us; the Vanguard will be well armed. Let's talk about our final objective."
Aidan: "Our last task is to eliminate a prominent Charr warband leader named Kaargoth Bloodclaw. He should only have a few guards with him, but we must strike quickly. The Charr are likely tracking us even now."
After killing Kaargoth Bloodclaw
Aidan: "Slaying him will throw the Charr forces into disarray. Quickly, before they are upon us, let's return to Piken Square."

Reward Dialogue[edit]

Ivor Trueshot
"Well done. That should slow down the Charr and buy us time to bring in reinforcements of our own. You're really making a name for yourself among the Vanguard, «name»."