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Disambig icon.png This article is about the unofficial term "Easter egg". For the item that drops during Easter, see Golden Egg.

An easter egg is a term used to refer to special exploits, additional media, or obscure features normally hidden within console or PC video games, DVDs, and other forms of interactive media.

List of known easter eggs[edit]

See also: Gingerbread Shield
Location Trigger Reference
Abaddon's Gate Using the /dance command Film: "You got Served"
Jaga Moraine None (random occurrence) Wintersday
Plains of Jarin Bring a Black Moa to Nehdukah Nehdukah's dialogue
Jaya Bluffs None (random occurrence) https://guildwarslegacy.com/thread-1332.html
Kaineng city None (random occurrence) https://imgur.com/KzBRvK4

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