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Join us the weekend of March 24th for the FactionsTM Preview Event! This will be your first chance to visit the breathtaking continent of Cantha, the newest world of the Guild Wars saga. During the event, you will get the chance to play roleplaying and player-versus-player characters, and to pursue a variety of gameplay options, including story missions, competitive missions, and a new form of PvP called alliance battles!

Factions Preview Event

This was the public beta event for Guild Wars Factions.

It included:

Newly-created characters began at Level 20, and started out with 20 skills. Choosing a secondary profession added 20 more skills. They had access to Kaineng City, Kurzicks's Echovald Forest and Luxon's Jade Sea.

Some portals misfunctioned, skipping over large expanses of land, and missions could not be played.

After the event, all Factions PvE characters (level, skills, inventory) were reset and were sent back to Monastery Overlook.

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